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What’s Your Digital Story?

Do you know what your digital story looks like? Ever wonder how long Google remembers?     Did you leave a really stupid comment somewhere once that you really wish you hadn't?  Perhaps someone left a negative review or comment about … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Action Steps To Take When Using Google+ as a Business Marketing Tool

Wondering what to do now that your Google Places Page has been switched over to Google Plus (Google+)? For the purpose of this post I will be talking about the top 10 action steps that you as a business owner can take right now to optimize your … [Continue reading]

The First Ever Google+ Hangout On Air Streamed To Meetup.com Was Awesome!

I jumped at the opportunity to attend the First Ever Google+ Hangout On Air Streamed To Meetup.com in Ottawa, Canada with Ethos Networking And Chris Lang. Wow, what an incredible opportunity it was to attend a live meetup event while Chris Lang … [Continue reading]

The Importance of Administering Your Blogs Domain Name

Domain names need administration too! Your domain name(s) are an integral part of your brand and overall online marketing strategy. You domain name is how people find you online, how people recognize you, how people get in touch with you, how people … [Continue reading]

Why Is An RSS feed An Integral Part of Your Blogging Strategy?

An RSS feed has become an integral part of every blog marketing strategy. A blog without an RSS feed is kind of like eating cereal without a spoon - it just doesn't work. The technical description of RSS that is posted on WordPress.org can be found … [Continue reading]

Why You Need To Check Your Blog Feed Regularly

Do you test your blog feed from time to time? I sure do! … [Continue reading]

How An Avatar Can Enhance Your Blogging Strategy

I noticed an increase in my blog comments lately and am very excited about that - thanks everyone! So, as I was administering the comments in the WordPress admin panel I noticed that only a select few of my readers have an avatar that shows up with … [Continue reading]

Freebie Blogger Graphics, Icons And Other Stellar Resources

A great post just came into my Google Reader account and I was inspired to blog about it. The post is titled, "Graphics, Icons, Banners and Photo Generators", and is posted over at the stellar Outdoor Blogger Network. … [Continue reading]