Did You Grade Your WordPress Website Yet?

You’ve just launched your WordPress site now what?

Don’t worry, this is a great question and every smart WordPress user on the planet will find themselves wondering what to do next.

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WordPress Website Development for Business Professionals

Did you know that as of December 2011 WordPress version 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times? Since the first release of WordPress on May 27, 2003 the free open source software has rocked the entire Web. Offering businesses the ability to quickly, efficiently, and easily publish the key essential content that builds the foundation for their entire web presence is one of many WordPress successes. In fact, statistics show that WordPress manages 22% of all new websites making it the most popular blogging system on the web today.

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Corporate WordPress Training

corporate group of people

Today, business of all kinds are looking for Corporate WordPress Training. Just his past week I had more inquiries about corporate WordPress training then ever before. Collectively, companies seem to be searching for the same sort of WordPress … [Continue reading]

Overview Of How WordPress Works

How does WordPress work anyways? This is a question that comes up quite often. What is the difference between a page and post? Why do I have a sidebar.php, header.php, and index.php file in my WordPress editor section? These are all great … [Continue reading]

Why And How Your Company Should Be Using Twitter

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If we're to believe the statistics, Twitter has over 500 million registered users that are actively using the social media platform. Not only this, but over 150 thousand new users sign up every day. As a business owner, you should view these … [Continue reading]

Freebie Friday: Free Marketing Ebooks of 2012

Our friend, Oil Gardner over at unbounce spent a lot of time rounding up the "Top 10 Free Marketing Ebooks of 2012" for us last month. Oil is the Co-Founder & Creative Director at unbounce. He is a former Director of Marketing & … [Continue reading]

Start A Blog? I Never Thought About That…

The other day I met a really fun and energetic new, first time Mom. She was telling me how this was her first evening away from her 10 month old daughter. Hmm, I can totally relate I thought to myself as she proudly told me stories about how happy … [Continue reading]

Freebie Friday: Make Your Own Videos {Script Writing & Marketing Resources}

State of Online Video 2012

Want to make your own videos? Video marketing is a great way for your blog readers to get to know more about you. In fact, with over 4 Billion views per day YouTube is a must have social network for all bloggers. And please don't think for even one … [Continue reading]

On Launching Your First Blog Product

create a product

Launching your first blog product can seem a bit overwhelming. Believe me, I know first hand as I am in the process right now! It all started back in June of this year. I knew that it was high time to start a brand new blog, a real blog, a stand … [Continue reading]

Analyze Your Blog In 15 Minutes Each Week

I had the opportunity to guest post over at the Dedicated 2 Life blog the other day. (Thank you Irish!) The post titled, "Your 15 Minute Weekly Blogging Analytics Ritual" gives a great routine that bloggers can follow to analyze their blog each … [Continue reading]