Hi my friend! Thanks so much for stopping by the Blog Launch Blog! I appreciate it.

My name is Frances Palaschuk and I am the owner of this blog. I started this blog as a way to share all of the knowledge I have gained about designing, launching, optimizing and managing blogs.

I started my first blog in 2007. It was meant to be a blog to accompany the marketing business that I had started. At that time, I was told that it would be a good way to capture leads for my new business…

What I didn’t know or expect was that blogging would become one of my ultimate passions. I still remember writing the first post and being so shy to hit publish. So many thoughts were running through my mind. Would people laugh at me? Would this just look silly? How would I be able to think of things to write? Who was going to come and read my blog?

Eventually my shyness wore off and I actually could not wait for nightfall to come so that I could sneak away to my office and start writing my next post.

For this blog, my goal is to become a valuable source of information for those who want to learn about blogging. My main focus areas will be on setting up your blog, optimizing your blog, analyzing your blog and finally how to setup and maintain an effective conversation calendar. Your conversation calendar will be how you plan and manage the content you syndicate through your blog and all social media channels.

So please, I encourage you to join me on this blog as I demystify some of the blogging journey…