Attend A Blogging Conference, For What?

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I swear, everybody out there is blogging about attending a blogging conference…

Seriously, every single day a new post pops up telling me I should get out there and meet people in person…

That it will help solidify lots of connections over a couple of days. That it often creates a whole new level of engagement that can last for years and yield surprising benefits ~  Sonia Simone over at

That it will take your blogging game up a notch and gain some ground on your competition by attending any or all of these five major blogging conferences that you still have time to get prepared for ~ Angus Shaw over at The Blog Herald.

That I can make money – “Let’s be honest, attending a blogging conference is ultimately about making money, and I have never attended a one that does not have at least one session devoted to monetizing your blog” – Ceri Usmar over at Problogger.

So all this buzz got me thinking…

What blogging conference should I attend anyways? Niche specific?

What is it that I will get out of meeting bloggers in person?

Like Mark Schaefer said, “I believe that blogging is about people first and marketing second.

You think search engines care about what you have to say? Do they comment on your posts? Of course not! It’s people that matter. You are blogging to attract real people who will leave real comments on your posts because your content inspires them in some way to connect with you. And, it’s by meeting bloggers in real life at live events like blogging conferences that you will be able to make that human connection that will help you build relationships that matter.

And how much will it cost for my flight, hotel, food, car rental, and conference fees? Free perhaps?

Actually, did you know you can Get Sponsored to Attend the Next Conference in Your Niche? It’s true, over on Problogger Kylie Ofiu of explains how she was able to negotiated full sponsorship with a big brand to attend a blogging conference. How cool is that? Thanks Kylie for sharing that tip with us!

Is it really worth it?

I kept thinking, “Will this really be worth the time away and the money spent?” It was. Immensely. I left the conference thinking to myself, “Yeah… this blogging is possible to do and possible to do for a living.” It changed my way of thinking and fueled me in a way I can’t quite describe. The conference did that to me — with the energy, the passion, the camaraderie says, Audrey McClelland over at she knows parenting.

So, like Derek Halpern from Social Triggers always says, “BAM“! That’s exactly why you should attend a blogging conference.

Why would you attend a blogging conference? If so, what blogging conference do you recommend? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. 

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