Freebie Blogger Graphics, Icons And Other Stellar Resources

A great post just came into my Google Reader account and I was inspired to blog about it. The post is titled, “Graphics, Icons, Banners and Photo Generators“, and is posted over at the stellar Outdoor Blogger Network.

beach - stock.xhng

Compliments of Stock.Xchng!

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How Do You Find Your Blog Tribe?

blog tribe“It’s Tribes that will spread idea’s, change our world, and create a movement” ~ Seth Godin

You started a great blog now what? How are you going to find your blog tribe? Who will your true believers turn out to be and where are they hiding? How will you engage your blog tribe once you find them? [Read more…]

Blogging Gurus Exposed: List of Great Blogs About Blogging

How do I blog? What is a blog? Where can I blog? How do I start a blog? What do I blog about? What is a blog for? How do I find a blog?

These are the most common questions that are asked in “Google” about blogging. How do I know? Remember earlier when I wrote about the process of keyword discovery for your blog? Well, I used the technique I outlined in that article to discover these common blogging questions. [Read more…]

Learn Blog SEO Tips At The Webmaster Academy

Google has created the Webmaster Academy website as a free resource to teach you how to create great sites that perform well in search results. The information comes right from Google and explains important details about your website/blog & Google. [Read more…]

SEO Resources To Keep Your Blogging SEO Skills Sharp

Guess what? This is the last post in the 15 WordPress SEO Tips Series!

If you have made your way all the way to this post and have taken the time to implement the tactics set forth – then please give yourself a big pat on the back from me! [Read more…]

Gain Ground on Google by Posting Fresh Content on Your Blog

As you may have heard over, and over, and over again – CONTENT IS KING! This is so true.

And I know, this has been blogged about over and over again… In fact, there are over 1,560,000 Google search results to date containing the term “Content is King”… However, today I am writing about the topic from my own personal experience with content creation over the last few years. I started my very first blog in 2007, and have been experimenting with this process ever since. It’s actually become a passion of mine. [Read more…]

Fast Track The Process of Keyword Discovery For Your Blog

Oftentimes keyword research is not a top priority that comes to mind when you are setting out to launch a blog. Whether it’s your very first blog ever, or perhaps you’re a more seasoned blogger starting out on a new blogging venture? Rest assured keyword research is most likely nowhere near the top of your priority list – right? [Read more…]

Build A Backlink Strategy For Your Blog

Taking the time to build an effective backlink strategy for your blog is another essential part of your blog SEO strategy.

Backlinks are basically when another site links back to your site. Google likes to see backlinks, especially from sites that are relevant to your site. For example, if you run a real estate sales website – getting a backlink from your main brokers site would be a bonus. Getting a backlink from your local real estate board would be another bonus, and getting a backlink from a national real estate organization would be a huge bonus. [Read more…]

Submit Your Blog To Google

Now it’s time to submit your blog to Google!

There is a really good chance that once you complete the previous steps your blog will already have been submitted to Google.

However, there is certainly no harm in submitting your blog to Google through the add url link.

By taking this step you will be sure to cover all of the angles available.

How to:

And voila, that’s it! Google now knows about your blog!


Create an XML Sitemap and Submit To Google Webmaster Tools

One you have your Google Webmaster Tools all setup it’s time to create an XML Sitemap for your blog.

Google uses the XML sitemap to crawl and index the content on your blog. Because the Google Bots are not human they prefer to spider through the XML markup language.

There are a few ways in which you can accomplish this. I have found using either the sitemap functionality built into the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin or using the free XML Sitemap generator tool  both work great.

Yoast WordPress SEO Sitemap steps:

  • Go to the Yoast SEO plugin dashboard.
  • Click on theXML Sitemaps tab.
  • Check the first box that says “check this box to enable XML sitemap functionality”.
  • Save settings.

XML – Sitemap Generator Steps:

  • Go to XML Sitemaps and enter in your domain name  (note: be sure to enter the www or non- www version – whichever you set in Webmaster Tools to be your preferred domain).
  • Wait for your xml sitemap to be generated.
  • Once ready, download the file.
  • Then, via FTP using FileZilla or another free FTP client – upload the file to the root of your domain.
  • Go back to your Webmaster Tools account.
  • Click on settings, sitemaps, and simply add the url to your new sitemap which will be just sitemap.xml.
Note: It will take awhile for Google to process this new sitemap – check your account tomorrow to be sure it’s working.