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Blog Critique Packages

Are you looking for someone to provide you with feedback on your blog?

Perhaps it’s your first WordPress site, or your very first blog and you would love to have someone else comb over it prior to launch?

Maybe your blog has been around for a while and you would like to ensure that it is indeed up to date and has the most valuable tools in place for your readership, and to gain more traction?

Whatever your particular blogging situation is we would love to have the opportunity to critique your blog.

Simply choose a package option that suits you and your particular blogging needs.

The blog critique one timer package is designed to ensure all essential elements are in place in order for you to attract and keep your blog readers engaged and coming back for more. We will provide you with a written report that includes an analysis of your current blog state and provide you with a synopsis of what we feel you can do going forward to ensure your blog is maximized. This will include the review of all your current elements such as navigation, structure, search engine optimization usage, blog ranking, traffic, media usage, plus the overall look and feel of the blog. Also included will be a snapshot of the blogging tools that may further engage your readers and keep your blog optimized going forward.

The blog critique packages will include all the above but with an added bonus.

Along with our first blog critique we will include a helpful how-to guide on the important things we would like for you to accomplish prior to our next scheduled review. This will keep you engaged and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep your blog optimized.

  • Blog Critique: One Timer = $29.00
  • Three Month (2 reviews) = $49.00
  • Six Month (3 reviews) = $79.00
  • Twelve Month (6 reviews) = $158.00

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