Blogging Etiquette Step 1: Gravatar or Else!

OK, so my BIGGEST blogging pet peeve is when I see a headless person leaving comments on a blog.

I know to some this may seem pretty trivial however…. it’s not a very polite way to interact within the blogosphere!

If you are serious about getting your name and blog out there then please follow these simple steps to get yourself a Gravatar!

First, to get your avatar/gravatar simply go to and follow the simple steps to get your free avatar account setup. If you are anything like me trying to find a half decent picture may take some time ;) . After you choose a photo, if you need to resize it try out it’s a free and easy tool! Once that is done, your little avatar will show up in places such as blog comments, and anywhere else that supports gravatars.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and for me it’s worth gold when it comes to blogging. If I can’t put a face to someone how will I be able to easily remember them and get to know them? Keep in mind, that blogging is all about joining in, contributing to, and creating conversations and communities within your blogging niche.

Part of the whole online marketing strategy is to build a solid stream of purposeful content that others will benefit from and look forward to. One great way to do this is to seek out blogs and social media communities that appeal to you and continuously leave comments and participate in the conversations there.

If you are already doing this and your avatar is the standard grey Shadow person instead of a nice shiny picture of you then now is a great time to go and setup your avatar. I am pretty sure once you set it up that it will automatically populate on all the old comments you made with the same user profile that you set your new avatar account up with.

So don’t wait! Go get that Gravatar setup now and please, leave a comment below so I can check out your new pic! 😉


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