Blogging Gurus Exposed: List of Great Blogs About Blogging

How do I blog? What is a blog? Where can I blog? How do I start a blog? What do I blog about? What is a blog for? How do I find a blog?

These are the most common questions that are asked in “Google” about blogging. How do I know? Remember earlier when I wrote about the process of keyword discovery for your blog? Well, I used the technique I outlined in that article to discover these common blogging questions.

In fact, I was at a branding brainstorming session yesterday to help out a friend of my re-brand her business. There were eight of us around the table, all entrepreneurs with different niche businesses. And when the subject of blogging came up I realized that there is still opportunity to help spread the word and share resources about how to start a blog.

So, with that being said listen up to these “Great bloggers who blog about blogging”:

Here is a sneak peak at what their blog feeds look like in my Google Reader account:


Blogging gurus in my google reader sneak peek


I know there are a ton more awesome blogging bloggers out there… Who are they? Can you help me build the list in the comments below?


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