Use Google Analytics To Your Advantage

Sign up for a Google Analytics account if you don’t have already have one!

Step 1: Go to If you already have a Google account you can log in with that. All Google products/services can be accessed through one Google account.

If you don’t have one then you must create a Google Account right away. Once your account is created, go ahead and follow the steps to add your blog profile.

Step 2: Install the Yoast Google Analytics For WordPress Plugin. How to: Go to your admin panel, plugins, add new, in the search box type in Google Analytics for WordPress, choose the one by Yoast. Once installed a message will pop up and say:

Google Analytics is not active. You must select which Analytics Profile to track before it can work.” Click the URL to select the Google Analytics profile to track. It will connect with your Google Analytics account where you can choose from the list of accounts that you have set up in Google Analytics already.

It’s very important to take this step – this will be your gateway to web analytics.