Publishing your Inaugural Blog Posts

Once your new blog is ready to go you will want to publish your inaugural posts. Although there are no “rules of engagement” for new bloggers, it is a good idea to have a few posts ready to publish right off the bat.

For this blog, I published a series of 10 posts upon launch. The reason I choose to do it this way was so I would have a nice chuck of fresh content on the blog once my first readers landed here.

This would give them an inkling of what to expect going forward and hopefully give them a good reason to subscribe to my RSS feed so they will keep coming back!

I have also learned to ask a question at the end of each post. What better way to encourage readers to comment and share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences!

Also, don’t forget to choose your categories, add in your tags, fill in your extra SEO meta tags and choose the author (if there is more then one) before you hit publish.

How did you publish your inaugural blog posts?  Did you publish 1 post or a series of posts? What worked/didn’t work?


Is A Trade Show A Good Venue To Promote A Blog?

After everything I did to prepare The Blog Launch for the trade show I am sure you are wondering what the outcome was?

Well, it was really interesting. The conversations I had with people were really amazing. In fact, I was able to introduce the opportunity of blogging to a few people who really had no idea what it all meant or what value it could bring into their lives. And to me, that in itself was worth it. [Read more…]