The Blog Launch Setup Introduction

Trying to figure out what elements make a blog really work?

My goal is to arm you with the knowledge required so you can ensure that your next blog has all of the key elements in place to gain the most possible traction in the search engines and with your readers alike. [Read more…]

Gain Ground on Google by Posting Fresh Content on Your Blog

As you may have heard over, and over, and over again – CONTENT IS KING! This is so true.

And I know, this has been blogged about over and over again… In fact, there are over 1,560,000 Google search results to date containing the term “Content is King”… However, today I am writing about the topic from my own personal experience with content creation over the last few years. I started my very first blog in 2007, and have been experimenting with this process ever since. It’s actually become a passion of mine. [Read more…]

How To Set The Permalinks On Your New Blog

Setting the permalinks on your new blog is an extremely important task. So please, take a few moments before you launch your blog to tweak your permalinks settings.

What Are My Permalinks?

Your permalinks are simply the url’s that are generated by your blog. Every time you publish a new page or post on your blog it will have it’s own unique permalink that is displayed in the address bar of the browser. Even the media you upload to your blog will have permalinks.

The default permalink structure in WordPress generates pretty ugly URLS:

The custom options on the other hand you allow you to choose from a set of very specific options:

WordPress Permalink Settings

Why Set My Permaliks? 

Simply put, you should set your permalinks so that your URL’s are being presented in a nice, clean, readable format.

How Do I Set My Permalinks?

Simple! Inside your WordPress dashboard navigate to settings, permalinks and choose the option you like.

Need to learn more? Visit the WordPress Codex info section on Permalinks.

What Are The Benefits of Setting My Permalinks?

  1. Your blog URL’s will be easy for people to read.
  2. Google will be able to crawl your content and rank it accordingly as words are more useful to search engines.
  3. Your data in Google Analytics will be easy to interpret ie., vs’

For more in-depth information about your blog’s permalink settings I found this great post titled, “WordPress Permalinks for SEO and Speed“.

So what are your thoughts about permalinks? What permalink structure do you prefer for your blog and why?

Choose your Blog Categories and Descriptions Wisely

As mentioned in the post titled, “Fill In Everything You Can On Your New Blog” it’s very important to choose your categories and describe them carefully.

Although there is no “norm” for the number of categories you choose to create for your blog when doing so keep in mind that you can also create sub-categories.

To keep your blog focused and less cluttered looking it may be wise to limit the number of main categories. On this blog I have chosen 9 main categories and only 2 sub-categories thus far. However, as time goes on I have the opportunity to add more sub-categories if required.

Once you publish a post under a specific category it is possible to change it at a later time. However, one of the consequences may end up being a dead link. If another blogger chooses to link to that post and you are using a category based permalink structure and change the category then that link may no longer work.

A great way to determine what categories you should have on your blog is to align them with the key topics that you want to focus your content on. If this is a business blog, then aligning your categories with your key business indicators is also a smart choice.

Create a spreadsheet and list your key topics down one column and add a second column called description down the next column. While you are adding in your topics briefly describe what each topic will be about. Once this process is complete you can then choose which topics will be used as your blog categories. Plus, the category descriptions will already be created as well!

What process has worked for you to create your blog categories?

Setting Up Your Blog Pages and Posts

After you have spent some time customizing the look and feel of your blog you will want to start working on your pages and ultimately your blog posts (the articles you want to publish). [Read more…]

Setting Up Your Blog’s Homepage

Your home page is the front page of your new blog and WordPress offers two different ways in which you can set this up. You can choose to have your latests posts or a static page displaying on your homepage. So how do you decide which option is best for you? [Read more…]

While Your New Blog Is Under Construction

Your  ready to start customizing your theme and getting it ready for your unique blogging needs. Now what? [Read more…]

Choosing A WordPress Theme

Now it’s time to choose a WordPress theme. Depending on your blog’s niche and/or purpose there are several ways in which you can go about finding the perfect theme for your new blog. There are a multitude of theme designers in the marketplace. You will discover that there are free themes as well as premium (paid) themes, making your options very broad. [Read more…]

Getting To Know Your WordPress Admin Panel

It’s now time to become familiar with your WordPress admin panel. This is the main dashboard that controls everything in the back-end of your new blog. This is where you will spend most of your time so it’s important to understand exactly what you have control over. [Read more…]