Freebie Blogger Graphics, Icons And Other Stellar Resources

A great post just came into my Google Reader account and I was inspired to blog about it. The post is titled, “Graphics, Icons, Banners and Photo Generators“, and is posted over at the stellar Outdoor Blogger Network.

beach - stock.xhng

Compliments of Stock.Xchng!

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Build A Backlink Strategy For Your Blog

Taking the time to build an effective backlink strategy for your blog is another essential part of your blog SEO strategy.

Backlinks are basically when another site links back to your site. Google likes to see backlinks, especially from sites that are relevant to your site. For example, if you run a real estate sales website – getting a backlink from your main brokers site would be a bonus. Getting a backlink from your local real estate board would be another bonus, and getting a backlink from a national real estate organization would be a huge bonus. [Read more…]

Blogging Etiquette Step 1: Gravatar or Else!

OK, so my BIGGEST blogging pet peeve is when I see a headless person leaving comments on a blog. [Read more…]

Writing and Syndicating a Blog Press Release

Have you ever thought about writing a press release to announce the launch of your new blog?

It’s a great way to “get your blog out there” and helps to officially launch your blog.

Take a look at a few of the latest news releases I found about launching a blog:

Notice there is sort of a common theme here? These press releases are all highlighting the benefits that these new blogs will bring to their readers:

  • Connect with patients
  • Share more tips
  • Helps Employers Maximize Top Asset– Their Employees
  • tracks ‘best practices in digital journalism’
  • a new resource for those looking to improve their odds while dating
  • Moms Who Wine (, is not only quenching the thirst of stressed-out moms, but is also offering a respite from hectic family and work life with humorous stories and words of encouragement.

To help get started on your press release I rounded up a few press release templates for you:

  1. Social Media News Release Template
  2. Instant Press Release
  3. Press Release 101 for Mompreneurs: Free Template Included!
  4. Google Docs Press Release Template

I also complied a list of sites where you can syndicate your press release.

So what would be the headline of your blog’s press release? How will your blog benefit your readers?

Why Is Your Blog Important To Me?

This is the main question your potential readers will be wondering upon landing on your blog for the first time.

So, as a new blogger how can you illustrate to a brand new reader why your blog is important to them?

Well, the answer could lie in a whole number of things… But for me as a blog reader the following elements are what I first take a quick peek at even before the content:

  • Your blog’s title and tagline.
  • Your blog’s header graphic.
  • Your about me page.
  • Your picture and bio.

And if  any of these elements reach out to me and I can relate to any one of them then I will move on to the content…

If the content is organized, well polished, and resonates well with me I will be sure to subscribe to the feed and sign up for any other updates that the blog may offer. Plus, I am likely to post comments, share articles and spread the awesomeness of the blog with those in my circles who I know will find value in it.

On the other hand, if the content is disorganized, cluttered, has glaring grammatical mistakes and is not very informative or interesting then I will simply move on.

So, as a new blogger these are a few fundmental ways to illustrate why your blog is important to your new readers.

How have you been able to grab a new readers attention on your blog? Please share your tips and ideas!

Is A Trade Show A Good Venue To Promote A Blog?

After everything I did to prepare The Blog Launch for the trade show I am sure you are wondering what the outcome was?

Well, it was really interesting. The conversations I had with people were really amazing. In fact, I was able to introduce the opportunity of blogging to a few people who really had no idea what it all meant or what value it could bring into their lives. And to me, that in itself was worth it. [Read more…]