Choose your Blog Categories and Descriptions Wisely

As mentioned in the post titled, “Fill In Everything You Can On Your New Blog” it’s very important to choose your categories and describe them carefully.

Although there is no “norm” for the number of categories you choose to create for your blog when doing so keep in mind that you can also create sub-categories.

To keep your blog focused and less cluttered looking it may be wise to limit the number of main categories. On this blog I have chosen 9 main categories and only 2 sub-categories thus far. However, as time goes on I have the opportunity to add more sub-categories if required.

Once you publish a post under a specific category it is possible to change it at a later time. However, one of the consequences may end up being a dead link. If another blogger chooses to link to that post and you are using a category based permalink structure and change the category then that link may no longer work.

A great way to determine what categories you should have on your blog is to align them with the key topics that you want to focus your content on. If this is a business blog, then aligning your categories with your key business indicators is also a smart choice.

Create a spreadsheet and list your key topics down one column and add a second column called description down the next column. While you are adding in your topics briefly describe what each topic will be about. Once this process is complete you can then choose which topics will be used as your blog categories. Plus, the category descriptions will already be created as well!

What process has worked for you to create your blog categories?

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