Choosing A WordPress Theme

Now it’s time to choose a WordPress theme. Depending on your blog’s niche and/or purpose there are several ways in which you can go about finding the perfect theme for your new blog. There are a multitude of theme designers in the marketplace. You will discover that there are free themes as well as premium (paid) themes, making your options very broad.

What is my new Blogs Niche?

In an effort to streamline the process it’s a good idea to think about the kind of blog you are starting. Is it a business blog, personal/hobby blog, ecommerce, photography? By choosing your blogs niche focus you are narrowing down your theme search time.

Should I choose a free or premium WordPress theme?

If you have a small budget set aside for this project then it would be wise to think about the option of purchasing a premium theme. On average you can expect to pay around $79.00 for your theme. In general, most theme designers have a few different purchase options. For example, you can purchase one theme with rights to use this theme for your own personal blog projects. Alternately, you also have the option to purchase a developers theme package. Generally, this will include a nice selection of all themes that this developer has available now, and in the future. Plus, you will have rights to use these themes as many times as you like on any project in which you initiate.

So what does a premium theme give me?

Great question! Just like the old saying goes you get what you pay for, generally the same principal applies here. Oftentimes, with free themes the developer may or may not provide ongoing support and maintenance of the theme or offer a community support forum. What would happen if you have spent time customizing that theme and run into a glitch or have a question on how to do something?

All reputable premium theme designers are setup to provide you with all the tools and resources you will need to install, customize, and upgrade your theme to ensure its continued compatibility and functionally meet the latest WordPress version. You will benefit from theme tutorials both text and video as well as an active users support forum where you can learn and ask questions about your new theme as well as WordPress in general.

Where should I start looking for a theme?

The repository has a large selection of free themes available.

I have found that the following premium theme developers are all very proactive and offer exceptional value to their customers:


And of course you can always do a few Google searches like, “Premium WordPress Themes” or narrow it right down to your niche. For example, “eCommerce WordPress Themes”, “Business Blog WordPress Themes”, “Crafting WordPress Themes”, etc.

Have fun finding your WordPress theme and please do share a link to the ones you love!

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