What’s Your Digital Story?

Do you know what your digital story looks like? Ever wonder how long Google remembers?

Did you leave a really stupid comment somewhere once that you really wish you hadn’t?  Perhaps someone left a negative review or comment about you or your business somewhere and you wish you knew how (or if it’s even possible) to get it taken down?

As a blogger knowing your own digital story is so very important and could end up being one of the golden keys to your blogging success. Of course nobody is perfect and yes plenty of bloggers love debating hot topics however that is slightly different than having a reputable digital footprint.

The first thing to think about here is yes, the Google search results. How many times have you searched yourself in Google? I know I do a lot. It’s imperative as a blogger and especially from a business standpoint. I would not want to hear it from someone else first if some sort of crazy, random rumor about me was going viral, would I?

So you see, this exact same principle applies to you, your blog, and anything else you may put out there for the world to see.

And, just because you know your digital story today does not mean tomorrow will tell the same tale.

If you make it a priority to Google yourself every once in a while then you can be in control of your own digital destination.

All you need to do to keep track of yourself on Google is to use a few of the nifty and free Google tools designed specifically for this purpose:

  1. Google’s Keyword Alerts:
  2. Google Saved Searches:
  3. Google Search:
  4. Google Image Search
  5. Google search options and tools.
  6. Google Knowledge Graph for mobile devices and tablets.
  7. Google Personal Search Results.
  8. Limit visibility of your personal search results.
  9. Google search query refinements.
  10. Google Advanced Search Page.
Another great tool to check out is the Inside Google Search Tips and Tricks Page!
How do you keep track of your digital story?
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