Domain Names & Hosting

So, how do you go about getting a domain name and hosting?

Oftentimes this question seems so mysterious and really kind of scary to the average person. Not knowing how the whole process works, where to go first, or having the insight to foresee the hidden implications that may arise down the road can become major barriers.

Let’s keep this process simple and hassle free.

There are a million or more websites where you can purchase a domain name. Each site is unique and the rates will vary as well as the ability for you to access the domain name records yourself. Let’s break this down. Once you own a domain name you can indeed let it sit there and do absolutely nothing with it. People do this every day, its fine; it’s totally acceptable and normal. There are domain name hoarders out there who buy up 1000’s of names a year. Usually these types try to resell them at totally unreasonable rates. Fine and dandy, to each their own.

However as a self hosting WordPress blogger it’s important to note that you may indeed require access to your domain registry information. So let’s jump ahead a bit here and talk about purchasing a hosting package as this is where we can cover both topics at the same time.

Hosting your WordPress blog yourself need not seem scary, intimidating or like a lot of work because once you know a little about this process – it’s not! It’s actually kind of fun to learn the ropes and really be able to have control over this yourself. Or at the very least be knowledgeable about how this all works. It will make you feel proud of yourself and give you the peace of mind knowing what the heck is going on.

NOTE: Some hosting companies also act as domain registrars. They serve the dual purpose of registering your domain name and hosting your domain name. (Great!). This is the route we recommend for the purpose of this post series.

It works for us, and it works for millions of other bloggers out there. Choose a hosting company that offers both domain name registration as well as hosting. We use (and yes, that is an affiliate link!)

All that is required of you as a brand new blogger is to go to, check your preferred domain name, hope that it is available, and then finish the process by using that particular domain name to purchase your hosting account. With Bluehost you get one free domain name registration with the purchase of a hosting account. This particular domain name (the one you use to register your Bluehost account) will become the primary domain name on your account.

Going forward, you can purchase as many domain names as you wish through your Bluehost account. At the time of writing this post each additional domain name (excluding .ca) is $11.95/year. Once you add a new domain name to your Bluehost account it shares the same hosting package. Bluehost allows you up to 100 SQL databases with your account. Each time you install and use WordPress on a domain name it uses up one SQL database. Therefore, you could have 100 domain names all running their own WordPress site on your Bluehost account at the same time. There really is no limit on the amount of data you can host on your Bluehost account.

If you already have a domain name registered somewhere else that is fine too. You can still use Bluehost or any other suitable hosting company to host that domain. You simply need to ensure you do one of two things. First, you can keep your domain name registered where it is and simply “point” the domain name servers to Bluehost. Or you can streamline the process by bringing your domain name over to your Bluehost account.

Great! Now you understand the process of purchasing both a domain name and a hosting account – Awesome!!!!

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