Freebie Friday: Make Your Own Videos {Script Writing & Marketing Resources}

Want to make your own videos? Video marketing is a great way for your blog readers to get to know more about you. In fact, with over 4 Billion views per day YouTube is a must have social network for all bloggers. And please don’t think for even one minute that you are too shy, technically challenged, or don’t have the time to start creating your own videos…

You CAN do it! You can create your own videos and post them on your blog. I know you can, because I do, and I actually enjoy it very much.

Put it this way, I am shy, introverted, public speaking scares me, crowds overwhelm me, and whenever the spotlight is on me my face burns and turns beat red. But, I find a way to put all these lame excuses aside and just do it. And no, my videos don’t get 1000’s or heck even 100’s of views but they make me feel brave and darn proud of myself…

So, what are you waiting for? I even rounded up all these great video creation tips and resources just to help you get started.

So go on, create your own YouTube channel and leave the link in the comments below!

2012 YouTube Statistics

Video Script Writing Resources

Video Marketing Tips & Ideas

Video Creation Tools & Resources

Free Video Intro & Outro Resources

Infographic: 2012 Online Video Stats & 2013 Predictions

State of Online Video 2012


Have a favourite video creation resource? Please share with us in the comments below:

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