Gain Ground on Google by Posting Fresh Content on Your Blog

As you may have heard over, and over, and over again – CONTENT IS KING! This is so true.

And I know, this has been blogged about over and over again… In fact, there are over 1,560,000 Google search results to date containing the term “Content is King”… However, today I am writing about the topic from my own personal experience with content creation over the last few years. I started my very first blog in 2007, and have been experimenting with this process ever since. It’s actually become a passion of mine.

One of the first articles I ever wrote for my blog took me hours to complete. See, back then I was just starting my digital marketing business and wanted to attract organic search engine traffic for the terms “holiday marketing 2007”. I figured it was a great way to generate leads that may turn into paying clients. The article titled, “Keys to Effective Holiday Marketing in 2007” proved to serve it’s purpose and in fact still generates traffic today for the term “Effective Holiday Marketing“. Did you notice that the article was posted in August 2007?

It’s a good idea when planning out your conversation calendar to schedule in this type of “pre-event” content. Not only will you be proud to check that article off your “to write” list but you will also be building up your Google juice for those search terms – smart, right?

Content can be in many forms. The digital content you create and post on your blog can include ebooks, audio, video, screencasts, articles, photos and/or a combination of all the above.

It’s vital to your blogs’ SEO strategy to create and post fresh content on a regular basis.

The content must be relevant to your niche and keyword rich.

People love to learn new things, especially from someone whom they admire and view as a subject matter expert on the topic at hand. Therefore, it’s wise to plan your content topics ahead of time and post new and inspiring articles on a predictable schedule. Your followers will appreciate this and really look forward to your next post.

Another content type that will add tremendous value to your blog are tutorials. Your readers will love you for explaining to them how to do something they couldn’t possibly do themselves… And, because you are seen as the subject matter expert your audience will eagerly eat up your knowledge and insight.

Know what the best thing really is about delivering value added posts to your readers? In turn, they will become your advocates… Ready, eager, and excited to share your content all across the web.

For a ton more effective ideas on creating content for your blog (and blog monetization tips) you must check out the ProBlogger blog. Darren Rowse is a true inspiration!

Wondering how to find out if your content is indeed being indexed by Google?

Check out this video:


Do you have a neat way in which you plan out your blog content? Our readers would love to hear from you!

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