Getting Started On Your New Blog

Remember this post series is to give you a high level overview of those key elements you need to know about in order to launch an optimized blog.

Getting Started

What really makes a blog good? Is it the design? The color scheme? The topic? The content? Well of course it’s a unique combination of all of these elements. But, more often it all boils down to the content. In a perfect world every blog would have a huge audience that frequently visits the blog and who eagerly wait for that new post to be published.

However, in reality there are millions of blogs launched every day that have no chance of ever being indexed by Google let alone attracting and keeping any size of audience. So why? Why does this seem to happen time and time again? Why do blogs not work?


This one word alone is powerful enough to sum it all up however, from a tactical standpoint there are a few key factors that could also get in the way.

So, be sure that you are able to exude your passion in each and every post you publish on your new blog. This will keep things fresh and exciting for your readership.

Your blog’s foundation is built upon some sort of blogging software or as we like to call it content management system. The choice blogging platform for the purpose of this post series and overall blog is WordPress.

WordPress is an open source content management system. Open source simply means it’s open to the public to use free of charge but also to enhance. Developers have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of the platform.

To bloggers this is a wonderful scenario as we get to use this web based software over and over again without it costing us a dime to use. And developers who chose to work on the code get experience and recognition for their contributions.

There are two ways in which bloggers can use WordPress.

  1. The first way we talk about here is the hosted solution. Hosted simply means that you as a blogger do not really need to do anything other than visit the site and follow the simple directions to get a blog up and running in no time at all. Great! Easy pizzy. Right? Well, sort of. The foundation of this blog will focus on launching your blog the second way…
  2. Through the use of This solution is called the self hosted solution. Which simply means you purchase a domain name and hosting account and run the WordPress software yourself on your own domain.

What is the difference? Well the major difference to note is that by choosing a self hosted WordPress solution you will have full control over your blog. You will be able to add on anything you desire to your blog at any time. You have free reign to run any type of site, post any type of advertisement, and pretty much do whatever you feel like doing with your site.

Where if you choose the solution you are indeed restricted by the terms of use, rules, and limitations that come with a hosted blog.

For those of you who are starting a basic hobby type of blog and do not really mind sticking within these limitations then that is great. The hosted solution will be just fine for you.

However, for those of you who are really looking to launch a blog that is scalable then is the better alternative.

What type of CMS are you using to run your blog?

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