Guest Blogger Cautions

Guest blogging is a popular strategy used by many bloggers. There are two main scenarios in guest blogging:

  1. A blogger wishes to guest post on someone else’s blog. Guest blogging gives that blogger the opportunity to gain exposure by sharing their tips and expertise with new readers, and subsequently get links and eyeballs back to their own blog.
  2. A blogger invites other bloggers to post an article on their own blog. Inviting a guest blogger to post on your blog is a great way to provide added value to your readership. It lets your readers know you are open to different points of view and discussion.

unfortunately, the onset of article spinning queued Google to take action and protect the search results from serving up the spammy, low quality content.

Google bots do not understand the heart and soul authentic bloggers pour into their content. Therefore, the onus is on you as a blogger to ensure high quality content that adds value to your readers gets posted on your blog.

Plus, think of it like serving a dual purpose. Other bloggers will not invite you to guest post on their blog if the content on your blog is low quality or spammy, right?

So what exactly does spammy, low quality content look like and how the heck do I know if the site I am linking to from my blog is considered spammy by Google?

Good question but really there is no trick or secret to share with you here. You set your own standard and because you are the owner of your own domain you must make the judgement calls.  Personally, I would only mingle with bloggers that I know, have met at an event, have been following for a while, and who I feel are authentic and passionate.

Be sure you don’t let just anybody post an article on your blog. Think about the quality of the content and links. You want your blog readers to be happy when they land on the guest post. It must add value to your blog. ~Matt Cutts


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