Is A Trade Show A Good Venue To Promote A Blog?

After everything I did to prepare The Blog Launch for the trade show I am sure you are wondering what the outcome was?

Well, it was really interesting. The conversations I had with people were really amazing. In fact, I was able to introduce the opportunity of blogging to a few people who really had no idea what it all meant or what value it could bring into their lives. And to me, that in itself was worth it.

One lady who happened by with her young Grandson was thrilled to talk about her techiness with me.  She told me how her family is always amazed at how quickly she hears about the latest news stories and unbeknownst to them it’s through Twitter! She went on to tell me that having an active lifestyle leaves very little time to watch the news or read newspapers and how she totally relies on her Twitter account to keep her up to date…

I spoke to at least 3 or 4 other vendors at the show who all have blogging on their to-do list and the common questions among them were:

  1. What value will my business get out of blogging?
  2. What should I blog about?
  3. How will I find the time to blog?
And, it was through the conversations we had surrounding these questions alone that I was able to spark their interest into what The Blog Launch is all about. Which, of course is promoting, inspiring, and sharing information about launching your blog.
I guess you have to ask yourself what you want to get out of the trade show in order to determine it’s value. Are you trying to sell something on your blog? Do you expect to gain more readers, more hits? Or maybe, you just want to gain insights and ideas on what people like to read? Or maybe, you just want to get the blog name out there?
The most rewarding part of the show was when this little girl came by with her Mom. She looked to be about 7 or 8 perhaps and her Mom started the conversation by telling us that her daughter wanted to start her own business and maybe a blog could help her. I thought Wow! Way to go… So I asked her, “what kind of business do you want to start”? And she said, “I want to start a business that helps people”. Having my own daughter this really hit home and I got a little teary. So I replied back, “Well good for you sweetie, that’s exactly what we all want to do – help people”.
So yes, for me I did find value in bringing my blog to a trade show. It certainly was different and there were a few skeptics who simply walked away shaking their heads. But in the end it was a great experience and I will be doing it again.
Have you ever taken your blog to a trade show?
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