Learn Blog SEO Tips At The Webmaster Academy

Google has created the Webmaster Academy website as a free resource to teach you how to create great sites that perform well in search results. The information comes right from Google and explains important details about your website/blog & Google.

If you are investing the time and money into a blog project then it only makes sense that you also ensure your blog meets Google’s expectations. Would you want to find out one day in the future that Google is not even able to crawl your site let alone rank it in search?

And, I assure you – you do not need to be a Webmaster, you do not even need to have any knowledge about codes, programming, or the like. You simply need to be able to navigate through the Webmaster Academy, read the content, and then take action and implement what you are learning.

Now keep in mind that this is not a magic wand – it will not grant you 3 Google wishes and voila your site is all of a sudden ranking #1… Nor will you see success overnight. But you will be able to analyze and monitor your own blog on a continuous basis. And, over time your blog will indeed start ranking better and become more and more Googable.

Also, be sure to download the Google, “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide“. All of you blog SEO newbies will be loving this helpful SEO Guide… You will find information such as basic SEO, optimizing content, as well as SEO for mobile phones and more!

Tell me, what is one new thing that you learned over at the Webmaster Academy?

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