Set A Preferred Domain For Your Blog

Setting a preferred domain for your blog is very important. It's recommended to get this step completed at the birth of your blog. However, if you are reading this and thinking crap my blog has been out there for a while now... Then don't worry there … [Continue reading]

Use Google Webmaster Tools To Examine The Google Data For Your Blog

Why should I examine the Google data for my blog? The effort and brain time you spend blogging is precious. Therefore, it makes sense for you to also spend a little time to ensure that Google is able to effectively crawl and index your blog. Right? … [Continue reading]

Use Google Analytics To Your Advantage

Sign up for a Google Analytics account if you don’t have already have one! Step 1: Go to If you already have a Google account you can log in with that. All Google products/services can be accessed through one Google … [Continue reading]

Install The Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin and Create Your Meta Tags

Having the ability to set unique meta tags (title tag, description tag, and even the keyword tags) is a key factor in your WordPress SEO  journey. … [Continue reading]

Change Your URLs To Show Pretty Permalinks

Wondering exactly what it means to set pretty permalinks on your blog? … [Continue reading]

Blogging Etiquette Step 1: Gravatar or Else!

OK, so my BIGGEST blogging pet peeve is when I see a headless person leaving comments on a blog. … [Continue reading]

How To Set The Permalinks On Your New Blog

Setting the permalinks on your new blog is an extremely important task. So please, take a few moments before you launch your blog to tweak your permalinks settings. What Are My Permalinks? Your permalinks are simply the url's that are generated by … [Continue reading]

Choose your Blog Categories and Descriptions Wisely

As mentioned in the post titled, "Fill In Everything You Can On Your New Blog" it's very important to choose your categories and describe them carefully. Although there is no "norm" for the number of categories you choose to create for your blog … [Continue reading]

Writing and Syndicating a Blog Press Release

Have you ever thought about writing a press release to announce the launch of your new blog? It's a great way to "get your blog out there" and helps to officially launch your blog. Take a look at a few of the latest news releases I found about … [Continue reading]

Why Is Your Blog Important To Me?

This is the main question your potential readers will be wondering upon landing on your blog for the first time. So, as a new blogger how can you illustrate to a brand new reader why your blog is important to them? Well, the answer could lie in a … [Continue reading]