SEO Resources To Keep Your Blogging SEO Skills Sharp

Guess what? This is the last post in the 15 WordPress SEO Tips Series!

If you have made your way all the way to this post and have taken the time to implement the tactics set forth – then please give yourself a big pat on the back from me!

It takes a strong desire to want to do something… But, it really takes a lot of time and commitment to get things done.

It’s expensive to hire an SEO consultant – think upwards of $200 an hour. The tactics explained throughout this post series are all pieces of the SEO puzzle that SEO consultants will (or should) implement. And now you can do it your own search engine optimization!

Now that you have some of the basic SEO game tactics under your belt you should make a plan to keep your skills sharp. You can do this by simply subscribing to a few good blogs with content focusing on SEO.

Here is a short list of blogs I like to follow that post SEO related information:

What’s your favourite blog that regularly posts content with SEO related blogging tips and tricks?

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