How To Set The Permalinks On Your New Blog

Setting the permalinks on your new blog is an extremely important task. So please, take a few moments before you launch your blog to tweak your permalinks settings.

What Are My Permalinks?

Your permalinks are simply the url’s that are generated by your blog. Every time you publish a new page or post on your blog it will have it’s own unique permalink that is displayed in the address bar of the browser. Even the media you upload to your blog will have permalinks.

The default permalink structure in WordPress generates pretty ugly URLS:

The custom options on the other hand you allow you to choose from a set of very specific options:

WordPress Permalink Settings

Why Set My Permaliks? 

Simply put, you should set your permalinks so that your URL’s are being presented in a nice, clean, readable format.

How Do I Set My Permalinks?

Simple! Inside your WordPress dashboard navigate to settings, permalinks and choose the option you like.

Need to learn more? Visit the WordPress Codex info section on Permalinks.

What Are The Benefits of Setting My Permalinks?

  1. Your blog URL’s will be easy for people to read.
  2. Google will be able to crawl your content and rank it accordingly as words are more useful to search engines.
  3. Your data in Google Analytics will be easy to interpret ie., vs’

For more in-depth information about your blog’s permalink settings I found this great post titled, “WordPress Permalinks for SEO and Speed“.

So what are your thoughts about permalinks? What permalink structure do you prefer for your blog and why?
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