Setting Up Your Blog’s Homepage

Your home page is the front page of your new blog and WordPress offers two different ways in which you can set this up. You can choose to have your latests posts or a static page displaying on your homepage. So how do you decide which option is best for you?

Well, it’s a good question and there  really is not a “rule of thumb” that you should follow.

It’s simply a matter of choice and what you feel will work best for you and your new blog.

From my past experience developing and reading blogs I have noticed that it’s common for bloggers to have their latests posts displayed on the homepage. And more common for those who use WordPress to power their entire website to have a static home page, and then have a “blog” page that runs their latests posts.

In recent design, it’s very common to see an image slider on the homepage that will rotate through a pre-determined number of your latests posts. It will display the featured image chosen for that post along with the title of the post and perhaps a brief description.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve each of these options:

Homepage Option 1 – Display your latest posts: 

Out of the box, WordPress will be displaying your latests posts on the homepage.

To view and manage these settings, go to WordPress dashboard, Settings, Reading. The Reading settings in WordPress control how your posts and pages will be displayed to your readers.

By default your reading settings will look like this:

WordPress Reading Settings

And, as a result ten of your latest posts will be displayed in full on your homepage.

Once you have ten full posts published on your blog your readers will have to keep scrolling down the page in order to view them all. So, in an effort to limit the content on your homepage you have the option to tweak the reading settings. I like to keep the maxium number of posts to be shown at 5, as well as limit the article content to display only a summary instead of the full post.

Homepage Option 2 – display a static homepage: 

The first step in this process is to go to pages, add new. Name this new page blog and on the right choose the template called blog and publish it.

Creating blog page screenshot

The screenshot sample below shows how you would setup a Static page as your homepage and a blog page as your posts page within your WordPress reading settings.

Reading Settings Blog Page Setup

What style of homepage do you prefer for your blog?


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