The Blog Launch Setup Introduction

Trying to figure out what elements make a blog really work?

My goal is to arm you with the knowledge required so you can ensure that your next blog has all of the key elements in place to gain the most possible traction in the search engines and with your readers alike. [Read more…]

Why Is Your Blog Important To Me?

This is the main question your potential readers will be wondering upon landing on your blog for the first time.

So, as a new blogger how can you illustrate to a brand new reader why your blog is important to them?

Well, the answer could lie in a whole number of things… But for me as a blog reader the following elements are what I first take a quick peek at even before the content:

  • Your blog’s title and tagline.
  • Your blog’s header graphic.
  • Your about me page.
  • Your picture and bio.

And if  any of these elements reach out to me and I can relate to any one of them then I will move on to the content…

If the content is organized, well polished, and resonates well with me I will be sure to subscribe to the feed and sign up for any other updates that the blog may offer. Plus, I am likely to post comments, share articles and spread the awesomeness of the blog with those in my circles who I know will find value in it.

On the other hand, if the content is disorganized, cluttered, has glaring grammatical mistakes and is not very informative or interesting then I will simply move on.

So, as a new blogger these are a few fundmental ways to illustrate why your blog is important to your new readers.

How have you been able to grab a new readers attention on your blog? Please share your tips and ideas!

Publishing your Inaugural Blog Posts

Once your new blog is ready to go you will want to publish your inaugural posts. Although there are no “rules of engagement” for new bloggers, it is a good idea to have a few posts ready to publish right off the bat.

For this blog, I published a series of 10 posts upon launch. The reason I choose to do it this way was so I would have a nice chuck of fresh content on the blog once my first readers landed here.

This would give them an inkling of what to expect going forward and hopefully give them a good reason to subscribe to my RSS feed so they will keep coming back!

I have also learned to ask a question at the end of each post. What better way to encourage readers to comment and share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences!

Also, don’t forget to choose your categories, add in your tags, fill in your extra SEO meta tags and choose the author (if there is more then one) before you hit publish.

How did you publish your inaugural blog posts?  Did you publish 1 post or a series of posts? What worked/didn’t work?