What’s Your Digital Story?

Do you know what your digital story looks like? Ever wonder how long Google remembers?

Did you leave a really stupid comment somewhere once that you really wish you hadn’t?  Perhaps someone left a negative review or comment about you or your business somewhere and you wish you knew how (or if it’s even possible) to get it taken down? [Read more…]

Top 10 Action Steps To Take When Using Google+ as a Business Marketing Tool

Wondering what to do now that your Google Places Page has been switched over to Google Plus (Google+)?

For the purpose of this post I will be talking about the top 10 action steps that you as a business owner can take right now to optimize your Google+ page.

Keep in mind that Google+ is the perfect and free Social Marketing tool to really boost your local business marketing plan.

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Did You Tell Google About Your Content?

Did you know you can submit your content right to Google?

Aside from implementing all the the steps that are outlined in the 15 WordPress SEO Tips, you can also submit your blog and other content directly to Google. How cool is that?


digital contentIf  you are a website/blog owner, business owner, publishing or media company, or a public agency or NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) you can submit urls, rich snippets, videos, local enhanced content and more… [Read more…]

Learn Blog SEO Tips At The Webmaster Academy

Google has created the Webmaster Academy website as a free resource to teach you how to create great sites that perform well in search results. The information comes right from Google and explains important details about your website/blog & Google. [Read more…]