Why Is Your Blog Important To Me?

This is the main question your potential readers will be wondering upon landing on your blog for the first time.

So, as a new blogger how can you illustrate to a brand new reader why your blog is important to them?

Well, the answer could lie in a whole number of things… But for me as a blog reader the following elements are what I first take a quick peek at even before the content:

  • Your blog’s title and tagline.
  • Your blog’s header graphic.
  • Your about me page.
  • Your picture and bio.

And if  any of these elements reach out to me and I can relate to any one of them then I will move on to the content…

If the content is organized, well polished, and resonates well with me I will be sure to subscribe to the feed and sign up for any other updates that the blog may offer. Plus, I am likely to post comments, share articles and spread the awesomeness of the blog with those in my circles who I know will find value in it.

On the other hand, if the content is disorganized, cluttered, has glaring grammatical mistakes and is not very informative or interesting then I will simply move on.

So, as a new blogger these are a few fundmental ways to illustrate why your blog is important to your new readers.

How have you been able to grab a new readers attention on your blog? Please share your tips and ideas!