The Blog Launch Setup Introduction

Trying to figure out what elements make a blog really work?

My goal is to arm you with the knowledge required so you can ensure that your next blog has all of the key elements in place to gain the most possible traction in the search engines and with your readers alike.

You are taking the initiative to launch a blog so please don’t waste your valuable time trying to piece all of the small details together. I have already completed that job for you.

Your job is to use this post series to gain the high level knowledge you need to confidently start your blogging journey and continue to use this as a reference point going forward.

It’s time for your blogging journey to begin, so let’s get your idea’s totally blogged out.

First thing first.

Get excited. You have every right, right now to be totally thrilled about the launch of your new blog. It’s high time you get your creative ideas out of your head and into your blog. This will be your new baby. In time, the desired results will come. You will be able to choose a “long tail” keyword phrase and strategically include this in your blog post and excitably search Google in a few days to see what position your post has been able to climb to.

Talk about it.

Really start talking about your blog to the people around you. Tell them what your main objectives are for your new blog. Tell them how you are learning the ropes and how you hope to climb the Google ranks for your perfectly chosen keyword phrases. Tell them what you cannot wait to write about. Ask them what they would like to learn about from you.

The people closest to you know you very well. They know about those tiny things that make you happy, the knowledge you have to share, your strengths, and your passions in life. For each of these unique characteristics that make up you – will also be shining through in your blog personality and writing style. People are attracted to people. Real stories, tips, advice, they are looking for people in similar situations, people who have been in their shoes, people they can look up to and look forward to following online.

Plan it.

Set a launch date. Ensure that you plan out the steps you need to take and when you will be completing the process. Life is busy. People forget, procrastinate, and inevitably give up. You do not want to do that. You landed on this post for a darn good reason.

Set that launch date….

Now, let’s get this show on the road!

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