Top 10 Action Steps To Take When Using Google+ as a Business Marketing Tool

Wondering what to do now that your Google Places Page has been switched over to Google Plus (Google+)?

For the purpose of this post I will be talking about the top 10 action steps that you as a business owner can take right now to optimize your Google+ page.

Keep in mind that Google+ is the perfect and free Social Marketing tool to really boost your local business marketing plan.

Because Google+ is built upon the same basic principals of the Google Search Engine (and all other Google tools) the focus is on providing the best user experience possible. To make finding information a fast and seamless experience for millions of people.

So, what do you do when you start searching for something on Google? You type in keywords that make sense to find what you are looking for, right?

Of course you do! And have you noticed lately the nifty Google+ links that have been showing up in the first few results?

I will use mine as an example:

When I type my name into the regular Google search engine, my Google+ profile shows up right on the first page nicely formatted with my picture and brief bio.

Now, as a business owner you can start to understand the urgency in getting your Google+ profile optimized before your competitors right?

Great, here are the Top 10 Action Steps To Take When Using Google+ as a Business Marketing Tool:

  1. Create your Google+ Profile. Upload the best 6+ MB head shot possible.
  2. In your tagline include niche rich keywords and include your city & state, or city & province if you are here in Canada.
  3. Add the Google+ Badge on your homepage and blog. Give people an easy way to add you to one of their Google+ circles directly from you site – smart!. If you are using WordPress you can
  4. Add Google+ sharing buttons on your homepage, product pages, and blog posts.
  5. Create a Google+ Event using the Google+ events option. (See screenshot how to below).
  6. Host an on air Google Hangout to promote a product, service or special announcement (over 10,000,000 users can attend!)
  7. Use Google+ Hashtags.
  8. Create Google+ Circles that mean seam to your business. These circles enable you to start conversations with specific people.
  9. Download the Google+ Mobile app to stay connected and share information as it happens.
  10. Add the Google+ 1 Button to your website and blog.
Google Events How To:
google plus events

google plus events button

Incase you did not have a Google Places Page go over and create your Google Plus page right now and start making buddies with all your customers!

Have a valuable Google+ tip to add to this list? Please add it into the comments below!

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