While Your New Blog Is Under Construction

Your  ready to start customizing your theme and getting it ready for your unique blogging needs. Now what?

Let’s put first things first.

Once you have your theme activated on your domain name, your site is live. But do you really want people to be able to see your site right now? Probably not.

So first, please take a moment to install a maintenance mode plugin. This will put a curtain in front of your blog so that it cannot be viewed by the general public. Anyone, including yourself that has administrative access to the backend of your blog will be able to see the site while it’s in development.

If you log into your WordPress admin panel and navigate to dashboard, plugins, add new you will be able to search WordPress.org for a maintenance mode plugin. The one I use on a regular basis is called “Ultimate Coming Soon Page”. I like this one because it allows you to create a teaser page and enables you to collect email address from your visitors as well. This way, once your blog is ready to launch you can send an email to those on your list to notify them of the launch.

Keep in mind that while you have this plugin activated Google and other search engines will not be able to crawl and index your site.

What maintenance mode plugin do you like to use?

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