Why And How Your Company Should Be Using Twitter

If we’re to believe the statistics, Twitter has over 500 million registered users that are actively using the social media platform. Not only this, but over 150 thousand new users sign up every day.

As a business owner, you should view these Twitter users as potential customers or clients, in which case you’ll need to begin cashing in on their use of social media.

But how can that be done? 

There are many ways that you can use Twitter to get what you want out of business. For example, you could:

1) Drum up new business

Every day the Twitterverse is humming with people complaining about their various problems. If you’ve a keen eye you can catch sight of these issues and provide people with a quick and easy solution – to make the most of your services.

While the below example is from Facebook, the same premise can apply to Twitter:

Earlier this year a man called Thomas Cook got in touch with the holiday provider Thomas Cook UK via Facebook with the following:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 10.51.59 AM

Seeing Thomas Cook UK’s epic PR fail, a company called lowcostholidays.com stepped in to save the day, sending Thomas Cook (the man) this Facebook message:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 10.52.12 AM

By employing a dedicated team of social media executives, you too could jump on potentially golden PR opportunities just like this.

2) Give even better customer service

Research shows that good customer service can improve a business by no end, ensuring customers stick with your brand rather than straying to another.

In October 2012 a Twitter user called Tunde tweeted O2 about his broken internet connection. Rather than being boringly business-like, the employee that responded to him saw an opportunity to give better customer service:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 10.53.15 AM

O2 were immediately back in touch with Tunde and communicated with him in a way he could understand, making him feel like the company were genuinely interested in helping him. This increases brand loyalty and gives customers an improved experience, making them more likely to stick with you.

3) Keep your brand out front

The more people talking about your brand, the more people will be likely to do business with you.

To keep talk of your company or brand flowing, make sure you set strategic updates. HootSuite is an excellent social media tool that you can use to stay on top of your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and the many other social media platforms you use.

HootSuite includes a handy feature that suggests the best time for your scheduled tweets based on the program’s expert algorithm, which can work out precisely the right time for your tweet. This can boost replies by a huge amount, ensuring your tweets are being read by the right people.

4) Get connected

Following the right people can help to improve your social strategy, as it can increase good PR and give you a chance to follow friends of your direct competitors.

One of the best tools for finding the right kinds of friends is Tweet Adder. This is a paid-for social tool, but its automated tweet search feature is well worth the money. You can quickly search for specific keywords in users’ tweets, their profiles and their follow lists. You can also search by location if you’re trying to zero in on a specific area.

Not using Twitter could be one of the biggest mistakes you make, as we’re living in a world that’s increasingly dominated by social media. Make sure you’re using Twitter in the right way to get the best results.

This article was written by Custard Online Marketing, a Greater Manchester business offering search, social media, design, PR, and marketing services.

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