Why Images Drive More Blog Comments and Engagement

Call me a late bloomer, a dizzy blonde (not that I am), or whatever but I just had an Aha! moment today.

Really, it came to me like a huge wave splashing onto the shoreline.

Images drive more blog comments and engagement because they serve like an ice breaker…

My Daughter's Kitten Gingi

My Daughter’s Kitten Gingi

And not just any random stock photography type image will do. It must be an image that others can easily relate to. Something that will make them want to comment on because they have one of those, they want one of those, they need one of those, they miss one of those, they remember one of those.

The images that trigger some sort of emotion are key.

And seriously, you can carefully craft update after update, post after post and keep waiting for those people to come leave a comment, reply to your tweet or something but nothing is happening. Disappointment, discouragement, frustration…

Then you start thinking well maybe my next post will draw more attention. And still nothing. Why?

Because you have not played the ice breaker game with your blog audience yet.

You know you’re friendly, outgoing, ready and eager to respond to comments, offer tips and other random advice but do your readers sense this from you?

This Aha! moment came to me when I was over on Google+ today. I came across Stephen Harper’s (Prime Minister of Canada) Google Plus Profile. I was reading all of the updates he had posted and noticed there were not too many comments until I came across this one with 75 comments:

Stephen Harper on Google Plus

And this one with 58 comments…

stephen harper with panda bear

The rest of his updates captured a very small number of commenters attention.

As I thought about it – it made more and more sense… I mean who is ready and willing to engage in a heavy debate with the Prime Minister of Canada on Google Plus? Especially since the platform is so new and he really doesn’t have that many posts yet – people were unsure of how to approach him… Until he let the cat out of the bag, LOL.

By posting the photos of his cat The Right Honourable Stephen Harper is telling people, “Hey, I am just another person like you who has similar likes and interests – I am interested in engaging with you here“.

Now I am not saying that the moment you post an emotional image that your blog tribe will start leaving 1000’s of comments. But I am saying that this is a great way to break the ice and let your readers know that, “Hey, I am approachable because I have similar likes as you”.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you need to play the ice breaker game with your blog readers?

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