Why Would I Need A Blog Mentor?

Have you ever thought about looking for a blog mentor? And if so, what would the blog mentorship role look like?

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Personally, I would welcome the opportunity of being able to mentor with someone who could offer me support when I need it, but who also would take the initiative to push me to further limits.

I mean really, have you ever had someone tell you that your blog needs to be fixed? Perhaps your sidebar is not working properly on a Mac but you have a PC and are not aware of the issue. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you what’s wrong and how you can fix it? Maybe your content has become off topic too often leaving your readers feeling confused.

What about when you visit someone else’s blog and find a gleaming error, do you take the time to email them to let them know? Or if they use to post the type of content you expected to find on that blog and suddenly it has changed focus for no apparent reason. Would you ask them why?

I envision a blog mentor to be someone who you can learn from, ask questions, and who will also challenge you to continuously move your blog forward.

Well, according to Andrew G.R. over at The Blog Herold, “a blog mentor is hard to find” (back in 2010).

Andrew also went on to say, that he has yet to find his blogging Mr. Miyagi (See Karate Kid). As well as, “there are some Websites where you can pay for a blogging mentor, but that’s not up my alley. Last time I checked, Mr. Miyagi never charged Daniel Larusso. A mentor does it for the passion of the sport, not a pay-day.”

While in the comments section of the post someone responded by saying that, “blogging has not been around long enough and a retired blogger is hard to find.”

A retired blogger? Really? Why would someone have to be retired in order to be a mentor?

Personally, I would prefer to have someone who is current, in the know, active, engaged, and passionate as my mentor, wouldn’t you?

In fact, this Stephen Covey quote screams out the word mentor to me, “treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be.” And ladies I tweaked the quote to be more gender-neutral. Frances’ version of Stephen Covey’s quote, “treat a person as they are and they will remain as they are. Treat a person as they can be and they will become the person they can be”.

What are your thoughts on having a blog mentor? Is it something you feel people should do simply for the passion of the sport?

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